What they said about it.

"…When my daughter this summer, got a serious illness, I got the opportunity to take her to Valerie. It was really valuable for both of us. Only through one session, she helped my daughter to find her energy, trust and faith for her future.
This, we are both grateful for"

        H.S, Danderyd, Sweden

"I came to see Valerie for help with my chronic back pain.  From the minute I entered the room I knew I had arrived at the right place.  The atmosphere was clear of the clutter and tension and stress of most treatment rooms.  She has an easygoing, gentle, open energy, and as her fingers found the most painful parts of my back, she seemed to intuit how long they had been here, what kind of events may have caused the pain, and what kind of behaviour of mine may be perpetuating it.  I would recommend a session with Valerie to anyone…"

        J. M., Director and Writer, New York

Results have been almost immediate with an important reduction of the pain especially during the post surgery process. The sessions allowed me to reduce drastically the amount of pain killers and after those sessions, I never had this condition I suffered from for more than one year.

The sessions taught me how to handle the pain but also to understand how my body reacts at certain occasions, which allowed me to listen to it more and to trust it.


A.I, teacher.