Training to be mindful consists of discovering how to place our full attention in the present moment through different kinds of meditative practices (formal sitting and movement meditation, body scan and informal practices to regain attention in daily life).  This training allows to progressively shift away from the automatic mechanisms that control the mind and that often cause a great deal of suffering in our life. In time, it will allow us to become familiar with all the elements of our experience (sensations, mental states, emotions, all sometimes experienced as pleasant or unpleasant) and to accept them in their changing nature.


Living a more mindful life also allows to reconnect with one's personal ethics and to put oneself together in a conscious way while growing a certain number of qualities such as loving kindness, the capacity to be joyful, curiosity, patience, gratitude.... As Pema Chödrön says: “If we do not abandon the hope that there is somewhere where we would be better, that there is someone better than we could be, then we will never relax in the place where we are with the person we are. (The wisdom of no escape, 2003)