Valérie Langer


The beauty of nature and human beaings have always been a source of fascination for me.

As a youngster, my travels in Asia made me discover a philosophy of life , meditation and a possibility of achieving inner peace that have accompanied me ever since, despite the difficulties I encountered on the way. In them, I found a form of balance and a potential to free myself from suffering that I always naturally wished to share and teach.

As a teacher, I started in 1995 to train in body therapy (Grinberg Method), which I practiced independently for 20 years. In 2012, I returned to teaching, which I practice in a secondary school of Geneva, where I also teach Mindfulness to my students (using the  .b method).
In 2021, I became a qualified MBSR instructor and I continue my learning in the mindfulness by regularly taking part in retreats and studying in ancient Buddhist philosophy. I am looking for ways to make kindness, compassion and joy my daily allies, for myself and for all other living beings on that planet.

I hope that my practices and those of the people I accompany will contribute to the awareness of the importance of taking care of our earth and to a greater sense of inclusiveness and respect for each form of life on our planet.